Concrete solutions for a clean future

At the UN Climate Conference (COP21), we brought concrete solutions from 30 associations that promote clean technologies


Instead of always focusing on producing more energy, let's save energy by implementing the most energy efficient devices existing today

by Solar Impulse

Promote renewable energy resources

by Youth Group on Protection of Environment - Sughd

Don't ask people to sacrifice their life style, give them efficient energy devices

by Bertrand Piccard
Instead of always focusing on producing more energy, let's save energy by implementing the most energy efficient devices existing today.

Push the transition to renewable energy resources

The climate is changing faster than at any time in human history, due in large part to the use of fossil fuels. Transitioning rapidly to a future fuelled by renewable energy is the single most effective way to stave off catastrophic climate change. Fortunately this can be done – in fact is already being done in many countries – in a cost-neutral way using technology available today, creating on average more new jobs than those being lost in the waning fossil fuel industries. Renewable energy is good for the climate, good for the economy, and good for business.

Focus on education

by Masdar
Although we have already been able to do great things with solar power, innovative efficiency solutions and global investments, the thing that gives me most confidence is the new generation of committed experts emerging from institutions like the Masdar Institute

An energy mix including solar, wind, biomass, geothermal, hydro is the sustainable solution we should hand over to our future generations

by World Bioenergy Association
Renewables are the solution for a sustainable future. Renewable energy technologies are cost effective, create more jobs and are the only hope for mitigating climate change. An energy mix including solar, wind, biomass, geothermal, hydro is the sustainable solution we should hand over to our future generations

Highlight the solutions instead of the problems

by Bertrand Piccard
How can we motivate people against climate change if we continue to focus on the amplitude of the problem? The current discourse is depressing and makes the situation seem insurmountable. Mobilization will only become possible if we emphasize the tangible benefits of existing clean solutions: we can already cut CO2 emissions by half, when replacing old polluting devices in the field of industry, construction, heating, cooling, lighting and mobility with today’s energy-efficient technologies.

Promote hydro solar panels

by DualSun

Internalize the full costs of greenhouse gas emissions

by myclimate
On each and every product service worldwide

Leave fossil fuels in the ground

by Rainer Baake

Promote renewable energy technologies

by Robert Swan
We must accelerate our shift towards energy technologies that are renewable, safe, and cost-effective. Renewable energy will not run out. Ever. Working towards an energy mix will help reduce the effects of climate change; thus, minimizing our impact on environments across the globe, all the way to Antarctica. Our aim is to keep Earth’s last great wilderness—Antarctica—free of exploitation. Our #FUTUREISCLEAN.

Speak of profitable investments instead of expensive costs

by Bertrand Piccard
Protecting the environment should not be perceived as expensive. Because there is a need for more environmentally friendly products and processes, fighting climate change is opening-up new industrial markets and offering an opportunity for economic development, job creation and profit.

Use media as a tool to raise awareness

by Media Association for Peace
Using media as a tool to raise awareness to the public audience on environmental issues on one hand, and suggesting solutions by referring to environmental experts and success stories on the other hand.

Promote clean technologies by putting a price on CO2

by swisscleantech

Promote solar power

by SolarPower Europe
Solar represents the greatest promise to fight climate change whilst providing millions of people with clean electricity.

Change economic models

by Association Française des Entreprises pour l’Environnement
Evolution of the strategies and economic models of corporations to adapt to the challenges from climate change.

Remove of subsidies for fossil fuels

by The Clean Air Action Group
The most important measures to be taken are the immediate removal of subsidies for fossil fuels and other environmentally harmful products and services, and at the same time levying taxes on them to such an extent that their use does not endanger our health and environment. It is also very important to combat corruption. A few years ago researchers of the Budapest Corvinus University (university of economics) prepared a study on corruption risks in the energy sector. One of their main conclusions was that in Hungary the important regulations on energy are written by the big energy companies, the government and the parliament only "puts a stamp" on them.

Stop threatening human mobility, comfort and economic development in order to protect nature

by Bertrand Piccard
Asking people to make sacrifices for no immediate return only creates resistance. Who would renounce driving their car because of sea levels rising in 30 years ? On the contrary, let’s demonstrate that every one can maintain and even improve their standard of living thanks to affordable and accessible clean technology solutions, while at the same time reducing the impact of their lifestyle on the environment.

Offer both rich and poor countries a share in the returns on investment

by Winds of Hope
If fighting against climate change is presented as a financial sacrifice for rich countries and a threat for the economic growth of developing countries, we will face opposition from the entire world. Investing in solutions, for energy efficiency and renewable energies, is profitable for investors and consumers in both rich and emerging markets.

Act in the interest of today’s generation and not only for future generations

by Bertrand Piccard
Very few people will change their current behavior in favor of those living in the future. Let’s demonstrate that the changes we need can already deliver a favorable result on today’s economic, industrial and political development.

Encourage leadership

by Kofi Annan
"The only missing ingredient for a major step forward in our efforts to ward off climate change is LEADERSHIP by our political classes, the private sector and civil society. All other ingredients, the expertise and evidence on climate change, already exist: We know, beyond reasonable doubt what triggers climate change and what needs to happen to stop it. What holds us back is a lack of leadership and of political will to act on the evidence that’s starring us in the face. It’s not just scientific consensus that’s clear but the disastrous effects of climate change themselves are plain to see. From droughts, wildfires, hurricanes and melting glaciers, we just need to open our eyes. There are no rational reasons, economic, scientific, or other, that can justify for humanity not to act with great urgency."

Speed up the ongoing energy transition away from fossil fuels to 100% renewables.

by The Plan B for Slovenia
The governments must jointly agree to speed up the ongoing energy transition away from fossil fuels to 100% renewables. To respond to the climate crisis an urgent global decarbonisation of our economies across the world is required. The pace of this transformation needs to be much faster, it needs to be just, and have the needs of most vulnerable at its core.

Combine regulations with private initiative

by Bertrand Piccard
The unpredictability of legislations and the risk of competitiveness distorsion too often prevent the industry from spontaneously investing in a cleaner production. Our society has regulations for education, hygiene, health, justice, etc., but not for preventing the waste of energy and natural resources. This must change!

Refrain from setting goals without demonstrating how to reach them

by Bertrand Piccard
When we hear politicians wanting to reduce CO2 emissions by X% or limit temperature increases to 2°C, it comes across as wishful thinking. Nothing will ever happen if they don’t also set out very clear legal framework, procedures and concrete technological solutions to realize these goals.

Use media as a tool to draw public attention to the problem of climate change and renewable energy opportunities

by Russian-German Office for Ecological Information (RNEI)

Support entrepreneurs

by Socialab
We are very interested in making a challenge for social innovation to identify and support entrepreneurs worldwide to propose sustainable and creative climate change in Colombia solutions.

Cap greenhouse gas emissions

by China Science Communication 科普中国
Define for each year the maximum greenhouse gas emissions that is acceptable for a given year and then divide that total emissions into equal shares for each person on earth. With these "emission shares" people can then buy their products and services. If they need more than one person's worth of green house gas emission shares per year, then they can trade it for money. One third of the price of buying emission shares from other people would go directly to that other person as a reward for not using all of it, and two thirds of the price would go to the tax income of the origin country of the emission share buyer and replace existing taxes like VAT and income tax.

Revise science & history based on sustainable roots

by Russian Carbon Fund
Russian Carbon Fund calls upon transition to green economy by elaboration of innovative programs and projects that are based on low carbon technologies. It is time to act on climate and we are here to help. We invite sustainable business leaders to establishing strategic partnerships for local solutions to global challenges in Russia and globally.

Transit away from fossil fuels

by Climate Action Network- International
CAN is calling for the just transition away from fossil fuels to a world powered by 100% renewable energy by 2050

Reduce GHG emissions

by Syndicat des Énergies renouvelables
Clear objectives forcing every of the 195 countries to reduce GHG to achieve capping to 2°C the increase of temperature. Swapping fossil energies for renewables is the most efficient way to achieve this goal.

Empower Micropower

by Intergovernmental Renewable Energy Organization (IREO)
Renewable Energy Microgrids empower Island States

Build Partnerships

by Achim STEINER
In September, 193 nations came together to agree to global goals for sustainable development. As unprecedented as this demonstration of cooperation was, we will need to raise the bar even higher in Paris. Even working all together, countries of the world will still need the active and enthusiastic participation of the business community, local and regional governments, and civil society to ensure an effective and rapid response to climate change. We’ve seen great success with global partnerships already. The Montreal Protocol has worked to repair the ozone layer. The Partnership for Clean Fuels and Vehicles has virtually eliminated leaded fuels around the world. The Africa Renewable Energy Initiative is mobilizing billions of dollars in public and private financing to increase renewable energy capacity on the continent. A common challenge like climate change demands collective action. The better we work together, the greater our chance of success.

We need to steeply increase the global uptake of carbon capture & storage (CCS)

by Bellona Foundation
Bellona does not believe there is any silver bullet for the climate challenge - we need all solutions. However, the IPCC’s stark warnings make it clear that we need to remove CO2 from the atmosphere. The most critical challenge right now is the need to steeply increase the global uptake of carbon capture & storage (CCS), and enable large-scale negative emissions when combined with sustainable biomass (Bio-CCS).

Innovation for Sustainability

by United Nations Environment Programme
Recognize economic, social, environmental opportunities in all forms of innovation – social, institutional, financial and technological. Incentivize and invest in an innovation-based inclusive green economy that will produce with less, remanufacture more, reuse, recycle and restore; and set the stage for evolution towards a truly ‘circular economy’, an economy of permanence.

Necessary condition of transition to sustainable development is the transformation of the homo sapiens into the homo sapiens and moral

by Association For Sustainable Human Development

Substitute marine dredging sand with 100% regenerative

by Innovative Sand Humanitarian
Substituting the marine dredging of 40 billion tons of concrete sand with 100% regenerative and emission-free solarthermical plants to eliminate the environmental burden.

Improve access to information and public participation in decision-making

by Ecological Society "Green Salvation"

Protect our public goods by introducing caps and adequate penalties to those who pollute

by Civic Foundation UNISON
Consider intact ecosystems, clean air, unpolluted waters and uncontaminated soils an inherent basic right of all living beings that exist now and will exist in future. As such, we must protect our public goods by introducing caps and adequate penalties to those who pollute.

Management of industrial and service production has to be more creative and innovative

by Fundación Biosfera
To reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the management of industrial and service production has to be more creative and innovative. We need to incorporate Sustainable Energies to our energy matrix. It is essential to foster environmental education programmes that raise and consolidate the awareness of the absolute necessity of good environmental practices.

Transition from paradigm of growth to movement for degrowth

by Focus Association for Sustainable Development
Solutions through change of the currently prevailing economic system: transition from paradigm of growth to movement for degrowth.